Kaicer to participate in Open Doors 2019

Kaicer is delighted to be taking part in Open Doors 2019. As the name suggests, this will see us opening our doors on Thursday 21 March and sharing more about the world of innovative building envelope designs.

Open Doors offers a unique opportunity for anyone and everyone to see behind the scenes at major ‘live’ construction sites and inside offices and centres of excellence across England, Scotland and Wales. Build UK and Go Construct are collaborating with a number of partners to showcase the diverse range of skills and professions needed throughout the construction sector. 

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Kaicer’s open day will see our design experts demonstrating how state of the art 3D technology is being used to create some of the UK’s most iconic building facades. This session will bring Kaicer’s designs to life: From the architect’s conceptual designs through to their practical (virtual) reality, watch us apply the essential finishing touches to major construction projects. 

The most recent Open Doors event saw over 5,200 bookings across more than 275 construction sites in England, Scotland and Wales. Join Kaicer’s Design Forum or visit one of the many other sites flinging open their doors and be inspired by this growing industry. 

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