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"We would call on the Chancellor to withdraw the introduction of a VAT Reverse Charge, which unfairly penalises those companies that comply with all their tax obligations.”

- Rob Stearne, Director at @Kaicerbes

#StopReverseVAT @hmtreasury

“We have demonstrated our commitment to the economy over the last year...... “ businesses in the supply chain clearly setting out the impact Reverse VAT will have #StopReverseVAT

Rolling out in February we will show the depth and strength of feeling, and the impact, of Reverse VAT across the whole supply chain. Everyone can get involved and play their part- watch out next week! #loveconstruction #StopReverseVAT

Our 75th morning update..... if you haven’t already do watch our short film reminding us all just what the industry is capable of... ‘inspiring’ ‘awesome’ ‘what a journey’ and ‘my kids now understand what I have been doing’ are just some of the comments we have received ❤️

Reverse charge VAT delayed by 5 months until March 2021

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