MAY 2019

Kaicer Successfully Achieves Financial Targets

Kaicer revealed an impressive turnover in excess of £32m, alongside healthy profits of over £1.3m in its Annual Report and Financial Statements for the period ending February 2019 released this week.

The specialist contractor has successfully delivered on its forecasted financial targets and remains buoyed by its plans for the year ahead. Providing bespoke building envelope solutions to the construction industry, Kaicer’s current projects include major UK infrastructure schemes as well as a portfolio of MOD, utilities and commercial projects.

Chris Oatridge, Managing Director, Kaicer, commented “We are very pleased to have mirrored our performance in line with that of our business plan for the financial period; similarly feeling confident of delivering on our projections for the coming period. This has allowed us to strengthen our balance sheet and cash position without any external borrowing.

Kaicer’s consistent and sustainable approach to delivery has been supported by strengthening both its management team and structure to ensure the business meets and exceeds the needs of its customers. This year, Kaicer also opened a third UK office in Cannock, further reinforcing its commitment to delivering quality building envelope solutions to the industry.

Oatridge continued “We have invested in our new regional office in Cannock to allow us access to the highly skilled base within that region. We have recruited and continue to recruit people of strong building envelope backgrounds in all disciplines, primarily focussing on pre-construction and design.