As an independent specialist contractor our clients can be confident of receiving a flexible, considered, construction solution. We ensure we fully understand the project brief and assemble the right team with the essential skills to deliver it. The unique part of our service is, without doubt, the experience and quality of our people, together with their technical design and logistics expertise. Explore our services and discover how we can meet the needs of even the most demanding projects. 


Our highly skilled team of designers work with passion to deliver innovative designs which offer practical solutions. Equipped with the very latest 3D/4D CAD technology our teams always work in close partnership with key system suppliers. This ensures we provide our clients with clear guidance from the outset and throughout the entire project lifecycle.  


Every project we undertake is overseen by one of our Project Directors who will ensure that the job is completed on time and on budget. Furthermore, our work is delivered to the high quality and safety standards that both Kaicer and our clients expect.

We work to strict policies, supported by documented procedures, to ensure the very best standards of quality and service are delivered, whilst safe guarding  our workers. Our policy is to only engage with company-approved CSCS certified subcontractors who have been approved through our system, many of whom have worked with us under both Lakesmere and Kaicer.  


Our full building envelope package incorporates glazing, curtain walling, architectural features and ancillaries. Working closely with our clients, we aim to provide the right combination of services (outlined further below) which are perfectly suited to the project brief. Working with a single source provider can bring improved efficiencies for health and safety, provide a single point of contact both on and off site helping to reduce waste, speed up build times and minimise additional costs. 


Kaicer installs standing seam roofing as well as other metal roofing systems such as composite panel and profiled metal systems. Membrane roofing or reinforced rubberised bitumen systems for flat roof applications can also be provided. 

Standing seam roofing: Kaicer is able to provide solutions for many complex applications, offering the aesthetic freedom to create curved and waveform designs.  

Composite roofing: Suited to industrial and commercial projects, composite panels can be provided in a range of profiles, coatings and finishes and offer a fast, economical solution. 

Flat roofing: Kaicer is able to offer both single ply and hot melt inverted flat roofing systems.  Lightweight single ply offers greater design freedom and can be used to achieve complex roof shapes. Hot melt roofing systems are suitable when a completely flat roof is required or a complex roof layout with a large number of penetrations, such as plant area, is necessary. PVC membranes manufactured in a range of thicknesses and colours are ideal for structures requiring flat roofing. We can deliver solutions that are fully bonded to a substrate or insulation layer, mechanically fastened or laid loose under ballast or paving to suit the specification.


As a façade specialist, Kaicer is able to offer a number of different cladding types.  These include composite panel wall cladding, profiled metal wall cladding systems and specialist rainscreen systems.  Finishes include steel, aluminium, zinc or copper.


Curtain wallingCurtain wall facades offer an elegant, highly aesthetic appearance for all types of buildings. Whilst the majority of curtain wall facades will be glazed, solid panels are also available in this system offering versatility and cost effectiveness. All curtain wall facades installed by Kaicer reflect the latest in modern technology and are fully compliant and tested to the relevant standards for weather, wind, thermal and fire performance.

Aluminium windows and doors: Kaicer is an authorised installer for a range of aluminium windows and doors which are compatible with the majority of wall panel systems.  All window and door systems feature a variety of safety and security options combined with outstanding weather resistance.  


Drawing on Lakesmere’s extensive experience of working with more traditional roofing and cladding projects, Kaicer continues to embrace new innovations to offer its clients a range of environmental solutions. From solar roofing systems to the installation of nature roofs, Lakesmere works closely with the leading product manufacturers to offer a bespoke specification service that address the specific requirements of every project including budget constraints, building regulations and design issues.